Vol. 1 Track 10 (October 2020) Vol. 1 Track 10 (October 2020)

I don't have much to say in this intro other than I hope everyone is safe and has already voted or intends to do so on Election Day.

This gets said every year, but every year it's more and more true - this is the most important election of our lives. Trump is poison to this country and needs to go.

Please vote, and vote for Joe Biden. He wasn't my first or second choice for the nominee, but he's the best candidate for the future of our country.


October's Playlist

This month's playlist might be one of my favorites in a while and features Pom Pom Squad, Michael Cera Palin, The Ophelias, Smog, and much more.

Listen to this month's playlist on:

General Electric by The Ophelias - (Apple Music / Spotify)
I think this may be one of my favorite songs on the playlist this month. It's a mellow little track that slowly builds up throughout.

If It Makes You Happy by Michael Cera Palin - (Apple Music / Spotify)
A fun cover of the 1996 Sheryl Crow classic song.

Ow (Intro) by Pom Pom Squad - (Apple Music / Spotify)
A very somber, sad, sweet song that kicks off a really great album from Pom Pom Squad.

Cry by Julia Jacklin - (Apple Music / Spotify)
I received the 7" single of this song from the Sub Pop Singles Club before it was available for streaming, I'm glad it hit the services in time to be included in this playlist. It's another somber song and reminds me of a boygenius song in some ways, and in other ways a Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison style song.

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I've been a huge fan of Soccer Mommy since I first heard her (a Springsteen cover, naturally) and she recently did an unplugged at home session for Vans, another thing I am a huge fan of.

Bruce Springsteen put out his twentieth album Letter to You this month. It's really good and I haven't spent nearly enough time with it. Check it out on Apple Music or Spotify.

Speaking of 20s... White Pony, the 2000 album from Deftones that is widely regarded as their best is getting released with a remix album called Black Stallion. I'm not usually a fan of remix albums, but it's Deftones, so I'll be checking it out. They released the Purity Ring remix of Knife Party early as a teaser.

That's it for this month. Please be safe, and please get out and vote.