🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 2 Track 1

🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 2 Track 1

Every January brings new changes - or at least the promise of them. New Year's resolutions, promises all in the name of trying to better yourself. But, resolutions don't need to be about correcting behavior - stop smoking or drinking, lose weight, etc.

A few years I gave up on those resolutions. You start out all excited and full of energy and then quickly lose steam. To think that a calendar switching months, years, whatever will magically undo deep-rooted behaviors is instantly setting yourself up for failure. Resolutions can be something you want to do more of.

Last year my resolution was to see more live shows than I saw in 2019. I live in the live music capital of the world and I would just need to see 1-2 shows a month to beat the 2019 total. Very easily done, and I would have fun doing it. Well, 2020 turned out the way it did and we were all locked in our houses for the year (and going) and I didn't see any shows.

One thing that working on an agile development team has taught me has been to set small attainable goals, reach those goals, and continue to build on them while adjusting to ever-changing forces. I bring this to a lot of areas in my life. We have big things we want to do, let's break them down into smaller chunks and milestones. We want to renovate our house, okay, let's break the projects down by room - what can we achieve quickly to make the biggest impact?

What small thing can you do to make the biggest impact to your life right now?

A quick reminder that you can check out Volume 1 of Downbeat.fm in one mega playlist on both Apple Music and Spotify.

January's Playlist

This month's playlist features Elbow, Billy Cobb, Gully Boys, Courtney Barnett, and much more.

Listen to this month's playlist on:

Neopet Graveyard by Gully Boys - (Apple Music / Spotify)
Lo-fi, fuzzy, grungy, amazing vocals - this is definitely my favorite song off of the playlist this month. I don't have anything else to say except listen to it now.

No Children by The Mountain Goats - (Apple Music / Spotify)
The Mountain Goats is a band that I feel like I should be 100% into but I never really clicked with them. Their lyrics are wonderfully ridiculous and absurd and are right up my alley, but yeah. I never got hooked by a song, until this one.

Crawling With Idiot by Elbow - (Apple Music / Spotify)
This is a mellow but moody rocker and gives off vibes similar to the last two Queens of the Stone Age album (though this song is older).

Playground Love by Sugar Candy Mountain - (Apple Music / Spotify)
This is a soft, sultry song that feels like if Portishead did a song like Strawberry Letter 23 (one of my all-time favorite songs). It's wonderfully old-school but totally modern at the same time.

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Not a lot of quick links this month since I was extra wordy in the intro, but here is a short YouTube playlist of some of my favorite 90s grunge and alternative music videos.

Be good to yourselves.