🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 2 Track 2

🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 2 Track 2

What a long year February was. Woof.

It started out normally, as normal as can be that is, and then Texas was hit with a freak storm that led to a week of power and water outages for a lot of the state, including many of our friends and family. Like we need that drama now.

On the good news front, President Biden recently said that there will be enough doses produced by the end of May to vaccinate every adult in the country. That's amazing news. Ali and I got our first dose this past weekend which feels a little like this. I'm starting to hear about friends and family also getting their first doses (some even their second!) which is awesome news. I can't wait to hear more and more of these updates.

We're almost through this, please stay safe, and continue to wear a mask, no matter what my idiot governor says or does.

February's Playlist

This month's playlist features Addie, Remember Sports, Hospital Bracelet, The Avett Brothers, Japanese Breakfast, and much more.

Listen to this month's playlist on:

Drive Slow by Addie - (Apple Music / Spotify)
This song is most probably one of my favorites that I've come across while doing this newsletter.

Pinky Ring by Remember Sports - (Apple Music / Spotify)
Speaking of favorites, Remember Sports is probably one of my favorite bands that I've come across in the past 14 months as well. Mixing garage rock, punk, grunge, this band checks a lot of my boxes. This song is the lead single from their forthcoming album.

Remeber Alderaan? by Dogleg - (Apple Music / Spotify)
This newsletter remains a stan for Dogleg. This song in particular rocks my face off.

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Do you ever wonder what your favorite show would be if it was a genre of music? This Twitter thread does a really good job of pointing some out.

This issue of a newsletter from Twitter friend @inthefade about breaking out of your musical rut really hit home for me, and one of the reasons why I started this newsletter.

Julien Baker recorded a great cover of Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place.

I'm a big fan of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert and Bartees Strange was on a recent show. He's got such a unique sound.

You may ask yourself, have you ever wanted to see Kermit perform Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads? Well, how did you get here?

In the early days of quarantine, I was able to find and buy a Nintendo Switch and a few games. I ended up playing The Legend of Zelda" Breath of the Wild pretty exclusively over the past year. It's an amazing game and an incredible world with one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a game. A friend pointed me to a playlist on YouTube called Zelda & Chill featuring cool chill remixes of songs from the game. It's also available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Dolly Parton got "a dose of her own medicine" - she was one of the donors that helped fund early research into the Moderna vaccine.

Everyone have a good March, and get vaccinated as soon as you can!