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This edition of Downbeat.fm marks the close of the third year and volume of this newsletter and playlist. What started out as a way to try and share music turned into an escape and something to keep me occupied during quarentines and lockdowns of 2020 and continuted to evolove and grow in the following years.

This little newsletter has meant a lot to me, and as more people subscribe over time, it brings me joy to see people discoverying and enjoying new music, which is why I started this project.

Modest Mouse at ACL Live in Austin, December 5, 2022
Modest Mouse at ACL Live in Austin, December 5, 2022

This year I saw 19 concerts, highlights included Modest Mouse playing the Lonesome Crowded West album front to back to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary, seeing Foxing (for the third time in four years), and Home Is Where - a band I tried to see three times over the past two years but the shows kept getting canceled.

I already have six shows lined up through March next year, including seeing Bruce Springsteen twice!

Thank you to everyone who reads, listens, comments, or shares. I truely appreciate you all. If you enjoy this newsletter and playlist it would be awsome if you’d share it with your friends.

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This month’s playlist features All Dogs, Fresh, Proper., Riot Course, Tacocat, Stef Chura, and more!

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Check out this ranking of John Hughes’ movies, based on their soundtracks. I wouldn’t place the number 1 movie as number 1, but it does belong on the list.