🎧Downbeat Vol. 4 Track 2

Crunching the numbers, jamming the jams.

🎧Downbeat Vol. 4 Track 2

We’re about nine weeks into the year, and I’ve already seen four shows - Death Cab for Cutie with Momma supporting, Bruce Springsteen (twice), and Pool Kids/Joyce Manor/Pup. I have six more shows lined up through the early summer so far.

You know I love live music. I talk about it often. This past weekend I decided to try and catalog all the shows I’ve ever seen. My memory is trash, and my email archive is incomplete, so I did the best I could.

All in all, I’ve seen at least 90 acts at 35 venues across 13 cities in five states for a total of 97 shows.

Again, my memory is trash, and some of these shows were festivals with many other bands that I likely saw but can’t remember.

Not counting the 2020 blip year, since 2006 I’ve seen at least one show a year. Since 2015 I’ve averaged 9.5 shows a year. Since moving to Austin in late 2018, I’ve averaged 8.4 shows a year. The fewest amount of shows that I’ve seen in a show in this period was four shows (2017), and the most were 19 shows (2022).

The band foxing playing on stage in Austin, TX

19 shows in one year, thanks to living in the Live Music Capital of the World. I’ve been to 16 different venues in Austin, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of venues.

The bands that I’ve seen the most are The Suffers (7), Foo Fighters (6), Bruce Springsteen (4), and Queens of the Stone Age (4). There are a bunch that I’ve seen three times, and they will likely pass some of these bands for most all time.

Being the nerd that I am, I’ve started to document all of these shows on a Google doc and on Setlist.fm.

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