Vol. 3 Track 1

3 is the magic number

Welcome to year three of I started a little project on a whim in 2020 to help myself discover more music and share those discoveries with friends.

Music has always been my escape. It's there to pick me up, to carry me through the good times and bad.

The other night after quite a few whiskeys for me and martinis for Ali, we watched music videos on YouTube from the 90s and sang along to all of our favorite songs from our favorite era of music. We do this periodically, and it's always so much fun.

We sit back, put on a video, let the music flow over us, and remember where we were in our lives at the moments in time that these songs were from.

Here is a sample of videos that we watched.

January’s Playlist

This month’s playlist features songs from Touché Amoré, Suzie True, Stella Donnelly, Dowsing, and much more.

Listen to this month’s playlist on

This past month, the music world lost a legend when Ronnie Spector died at 78.

As I mentioned above, my favorite era of music is 1992-1997. It was my musical awakening, and I buried myself deep in the radio and my new but growing CD collection. I’m still all about grunge and alternative rock. Here’s a Spotify playlist with over 1,000 songs from that era, plus a little more.

Neil Young demanded that his music come down off Spotify to protest human thumb Joe Rogan’s history of Covid misinformation. Joni Mitchell has decided to support Neil Young and take her music off of Spotify, too, as well as Young’s former CSN&Y bandmate Graham Nash for his solo work, and now Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young are taking their music down.