Vol. 3 Track 2

Jams to cure the February blues... In March.

I heard a song last night that I’ve heard a dozen or more times before. It’s been featured on a past playlist. But it hit me like I was hearing it for the first time. I literally said "wow" out loud at a specific moment of the song, and had to start it over and listen to it all over again with no distractions.

There's nothing like when you experience something for the first time and it transforms you. It doesn't have to be music - it can be any type of media, sport, activity, whatever. If you have the opportunity to continuously be sucked in and go along for the ride with a that thing and feel it move you Inspire you? Well that's something special.

It's a high that we need to chase more often.

It’s a great song, and the “wow” came at the three minute mark.

February’s Playlist

This month’s playlist features songs from Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, Slow Pulp, The Aquadolls, Lexie, and more!

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Rock music was dealt a considerable blow this month with the passing of Mark Lanegan. You may know him from The Screaming Trees, but he had an extensive solo career and was in Queens of the Stone Age for a time and collaborated a lot with Josh Homme on other projects. Check out Nearly Lost You by The Screaming Trees or In the Fade by Queens of the Stone Age.

(You may need to click through to see the complete joke on the embedded tweet above.)