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Streaming music has been a gift. We have a wealth of music literally at our fingertips. Any song, wherever you are - as long as you have a network connection.

This has been great for discovering new artists

It’s also been great that we don’t have to carry these around wherever we go.

These cases held over 200 CDs each and as a teenager, I had two of these in my car at all times. Music is what I spent most of my money on and I just left my whole ass collection in my car which could have been broken into at any time.

But the one thing that streaming has taken away is the thrill of what song will be coming on next. You’ve got your playlist right there, you can see what’s next. You can skip the current song - or the next ten. You always know what’s coming.

When my CD collection was small, all I had was radio and MTV to introduce me to new music. As every song ended you were wondering what was coming up next. Was it going to be something by one of your favorite bands? Maybe something entirely new. It was a mystery.

A thing Ali and I are starting to do more and more is put YouTube on the TV, put on a music video, and just let YouTube do its thing. We end up with a musical trip down memory lane with amazing videos from the 90s. I’ve captured some of them in this YouTube playlist. It’s just like watching videos on MTV back in the early to mid-90s. You have no control of what’s coming up, and you can’t skip a song. It’s kind of comforting.

April’s Playlist

This month’s playlist features Swearin’, Annie DiRusso, Cloud Rat, Katie Gray, Grandaddy, The Anniversary, and more.

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I’m a big Snail Mail fan - they’ve been on the playlist before and I just saw them live. This is one of my top five favorite songs of all time and they did a great job with the cover.

Soundcloud is stepping up to help smaller bands get paid streaming royalties in a manner that is fairer. Currently smaller artists get an incredibly small piece of the money paid out to artists from the big streaming services.

Actress Vera Farmiga who you may know from The Departed, Hawkeye, The Conjuring series, or Bates Motel recently got up on stage and sang Iron Maiden’s The Trooper with a Rock Academy group in support of Ukraine. And yes, that is Scott Ian of Anthrax up there with her.