🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 4 Track 11

🎧 Downbeat.fm Vol. 4 Track 11
Thursday playing at Barracuda in Austin in 2019

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Like, more than I ever have in the past. I have the app installed on my TV, and I’ll sit and watch hours of it. The rabbit hole first started with desk setups and home office tours. I was so curious how other people set up their desks as more and more of us work from home post-2020 and was looking for ideas. As time wore on, I’m pretty much only served woodworking videos, videos about video games I play, and deep dive videos into the music I like.

One channel that I’ve spent a lot of time with recently is called Trash Theory, and they bill themselves as “if Every Frame a Painting” was about music.

It’s a great description, and I have spent hours watching their videos, starting with “Before MCR: How Emo Became Emo” which sat on my “Watch Later” playlist for almost a year before I got around to watching it. The video was a great dive into a genre that I like a lot. It went into the bands and scenes that came before and inspired the genre, and where it is now - the middle of a revitalization of the genre. There is even a soundtrack for all the songs used in the video: Apple Music / Spotify.

If you like the history of music, check out the channel. There is a slight bent towards more English bands as that is where the creator is from, but still covers a lot of well known bands and genres, including electronic, industrial, meal, punk, and more.

If you’re in the mood for Holiday music, check out my playlist of classic and modern Christmas songs, plus some songs on the fringes of decency. Check out Merry Christmix on Apple Music or Spotify.

November’s Playlist

This month’s playlist features Pile, Tiny Moving Parts, Emily Yacina, Ratboys, Bully, Mannequin Pussy, and more!

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The AV Club ranked their list of the 25 best covers of all time. Some of them I hadn’t heard before (like Hüsker Dü covering The Byrds), some were downright predictable (Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt), and others I had no clue were covers (I Fought the Law by The Clash, Take Me to the River by The Talking Heads).

The man on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV has been identified 52 years after the album came out.

Here is a great supercut of every time Christopher Walken has danced on camera.

A subreddit community has spent years trying to identify this mystery song. This story reminds me of a story from the Underunderstood podcast.