Vol. 4 Track 6

When The Glow Of The Blood-Stained Moon Shines Upon The Land, The Aimless Spirits Of Slain Monsters Return To Flesh. The World Is Threatened Once Again... Vol. 4 Track 6

Sorry for the late newsletter and playlist this month! We just moved back into our house after living in a rent house for 3 months during a whole house renovation.

The rent house was okay, but was impossible to get comfortable in. Since we’ve been back it’s been nothing but unpacking what we had to put into storage (it was a lot), hanging up artwork, and organizing. We’re still not done, but it’s almost there. The renovated house is beautiful and fits our style.

If I haven’t been doing house stuff I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I’m only over 100 hours into the game since it came out, and have barely scratched the surface of all of the missions and things to explore. I played the previous game for about 400 hours, and I have a feeling this one will beat that by a lot.

Also, I hate that modern game consoles tell you how much time you’ve spent playing a game. That’s a horrible thing to know.

If you’re also playing Zelda, let me know where you are in the game.

Junes’s Playlist

This month’s playlist features American Football, The Aquadolls, Sun Kil Moon, and more!

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