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Amazingly enough music was ever changing during the 70’s. Punk rock branched off into new wave .

Part of disco faded away and another introduced Rap.

Hard rock found it’s early roots to Heavy Metal. Country was true to its roots in the 70’s. Blues was heavily influenced guitarists alike in the metal music.

I can’t say what you would have been into or not. I simply know there were raw choices to listen to.

Some ppl judge music from the past comparing it to something more modern. You truly cannot compare one to the other.

Or even genres of music either. I can name 2 Jazz guitarists that probably influenced some of the greatest Rock Gods of rock n roll.

Those 2 guitarists were influenced by some else and the story goes on and on.

More than likely your favorite musicians or bands may have listened to bands you never heard of or don’t like.

I propose to you go take one favorite band/artist and follow the influences as far back as the internet will take you. I know you will be surprised. You might even discover a band you never heard before.

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